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Coutinho: I could still leave Liverpool

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Coutinho: I could still leave Liverpool

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The Liverpool star - and scorer of 13 Premier League sbobet goals last season and nine in all competitions this time round - has been linked with another move to Barcelona. "I am at Liverpool and I always do my best when I have the opportunity to play, respecting the jersey and the supporters,” he said in a recent interview. "I do not know how the future is going to be. What will happen in sbobet January, we will know it in January. I do not know if there will be an offer.” The Brazilian international was rumoured to have handed in a transfer request this summer mid reported offers over the €150 million mark. The former Inter man has still confirmed that he is happy to represent sbobet Liverpool. "Last summer there was a job offer in the same way that happens with any employee and I was interested in it. Since I stayed I have played with will and desire. "Of course a lot happened in the summer but my will is always to play and do the best wherever I am -- that has not changed. "I am here [at Liverpool], we have a lot of games and I try to do my best to help."

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